Here at Poling Custom Homes, we take great care to make sure that our clients are happy with the entire home building process. From the initial consultation through the design and building phases, our clients are treated with respect and integrity. Read on to see what some of our clients have had to say about Bob Poling and Poling Custom Homes.

"Bob Poling is an extraordinary designer/builder. He is an elegant stylist who uses classic lines in his designs and makes imaginative use of space. He can truly build on any lot to the customer's satisfaction.

He has an outstanding ability to visualize his customer's ideas and is very open to suggestions. He is easy to work with, calm, patient, uses innovative thinking, and answers questions cheerfully. There is great attention to detail in his work and he follows every aspect of building to ensure quality. He is also there if you need him to help in handling all the little details that go into building a house. If you don't want help, he's happy to let you make your own decisions. He will work with you to build the house of your dreams.

The whole experience of building our house was a joy. Bob handled all the nasty details and I never felt pressure to get things done. He is an excellent scheduler, so the customer always knows when things have to be decided. Organization is his motto and it makes having a house built so much easier. I highly recommend Bob Poling as your custom home builder."

-Nancy Worden

"From design and site selection to materials and construction, we enjoyed all phases of our home-building. Bob and his crew were very professional throughout the process. They constructed a home that is comfortable and of the highest quality. We would not hesitate to recommend Bob Poling to anyone looking to build a fine home."

-Mike and Wendie Casaus

"Just arrived from Montana, we interviewed architects, then we interviewed eight home builders. We met with Bob and learned that he has built custom homes in Placitas for several decades, usually one at a time. The more we spoke with him, the more we enjoyed his company and discovered that he is a man who deeply cares about every home he has built. Above all, he is honest.

Bob listened to us describe what we wanted in a house. When we saw his sketches, we realized we didn't need an architect. After several conferences and adjustments, all it took was an architectural engineering firm to produce his drawings and we were ready to go.

We were especially impressed that Bob shared our deep and abiding respect for the environment by making certain that his workmen disturbed as little plant life as possible. Once construction began, Bob was present at the site virtually every day, actively supervising all of his subs. Also, he was extremely responsive to our questions and kept us informed along the way.

The quality of materials he used were even better than we had imagined - he never cut corners and he sent us to the area's finest building suppliers to choose our finishing materials. Our beautiful home was delivered to us on schedule.

Our home has many wonderful living innovations and we're always happy to show it off to Bob's clients. We welcome the opportunity to give our unequivocal stamp of approval on the building talents of Robert H. Poling."

-Karl and Merle Johnson, Homesteads

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